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We are able to provide a full range of mechanical and automotive repair services

Waltham Mechanical is a fully registered WOF inspection center. We also have the tools, experience and facilities to make sure your car can get back on the road if it fails.  The WOF’s are changing, check here to see if your vehicle is affected

Waltham Mechanical recommends regular servicing as it will help maintain your vehicle in top condition and reduce the likely hood of future problems and oil leaks etc. During a standard service we change the engine oil and oil filter using manufacturers specifications, check all other fluid levels such as gearbox oil, diff oils, antifreeze, powersteer fluid, brake and clutch fluid. Check over for any engine gearbox of diff oil leaks, check condition of all engine drivebelts, check battery condition, inspect brake pads/shoes and discs, check tyre pressures, check wipers and washers, check clean/replace air filter and roadtest.

Waltham Mechanical can take care of all your vehicle warranty work and are a trusted service center for all the major warranty companies.

Waltham Mechanical can plug into your car and listen to what its saying using the latest in scanning and diagnostic technology. This takes the guesswork out and speeds up the overall job, saving you money.

Waltham Mechanical can give your suspension the care it needs after driving on the Christchurch roads.  If the bumps seem to be getting bigger, give us a call!

Waltham mechanical services brakes. We can check, adjust or replace your brakes and have a brake lathe onsite to ensure fast, accurate machining of your brake rotors. This gives you better braking efficiency by giving the brake pads a clean flat surface to work against.

Having problems getting into gear? It could be a clutch problem! Bring your vehicle in and we can diagnose it for you. We can then repair it for you from clutch hydraulic faults through to removing the gearbox and replacing the clutch kit assembly.

Waltham Mechanical can completely strip your engine and inspect all the parts within. These parts are checked and replaced if necessary, returning the vehicle to the manufacturers specifications.

Automatic Transmission servicing is very important to the life of your vehicle and a great way to avoid long term costs. A modern gearbox should outlast the car if it is maintained and flushed on a regular basis but failing to do this will create very expensive problems. Waltham Mechnical can take care of all your transmission flushing and servicing.

Waltham Mechanical can tune up your vehicle. Keep your vehicle running at its best, fuel consumption and the power of your vehicle can reduced by worn components, e.g. spark plugs, air filters and fuel fitters etc. During a tune up these items are checked and if necessary replaced, returning the vehicle to the manufacturers specifications

Waltham Mechanical tests and replaces batteries. We can test the condition of your car battery along with the vehicles charging system. If the battery does need to be replaced we have a good range of batteries in stock and can fit the correct battery for your vehicle.

Waltham Mechanical can check, repair and replace your commercial or private grade tyres to make sure you are safe of the road.

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